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Procurement&Co. (P&C) is a full- service Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) procurement agency. We are purpose-built to take on projects and clients looking for a fresh perspective and a tangible plan of action. Acting as your interim fiduciary, our goal is to meet your timeline with clearly defined deliverables in the most cost-effective way…

 Sarah Peterson, Co-Founder

Sarah Peterson brings over fifteen years of industry experience as an independent manufacturer’s representative for a diverse range of equipment and furniture providers. She cultivated networks among procurement agencies, designers and hospitality brand personnel to propose, secure and consummate on production orders for casegoods, custom seating, window treatments, fabrics and bathroom equipment. Her ability to troubleshoot and execute consistently on time and in budget led her to be chosen to lead system-wide rollouts of brand packages such as Panera Bread’s lighting program and furniture prototypes for Starwood’s Westin and Four Points flags.

For Procurement&Co’s clients Sarah focuses on delivering value by analyzing FF&E specifications to determine the modalities with the highest potential for cost savings without compromising quality. She utilizes her industry insider status to identify the manufacturers and suppliers that can deliver each item in the most cost-efficient and timely manner. Working directly with manufacturers’ engineering personnel, she then refines and clarifies the specifications to allow for reductions in production and installation costs. Post-production, Sarah draws upon her formal training in service and supply chain management to prepare custom client reports that highlight critical path dependencies to successful project conclusion. She delivers significant value-add to this process by continually researching the latest industry metrics in shipping and warehousing.

 Denise Scalfani, Co-Founder

As a co-founder and owner of Procurement&Co, Denise shares leadership and direction of the company’s innovative procurement strategies. Denise brings to each assignment experience gained from working in the interior design and procurement industries for over 26 years.

Prior to co-founding Procurement&Co, Denise worked for over ten years as a vice president and director of procurement at GS Associates, one of New England’s premier FF&E procurement agencies. Denise rose within the ranks of the firm by providing her clients with exceptionally innovative procurement strategies, leading them to request her services specifically on multiple, repeat engagements. Directing a team of eight procurement professionals, her collaborative management style and rapport with outside stakeholders led to measurable successes in the forms of consistent on-time deliveries and savings of 5 – 20% on each project. Her reputation for innovation and rigorous internal cost controls garnered her most recent employer the largest project in Boston’s Skyline and the highest single-engagement fee assignment in the company’s history.

At Procurement&Co Denise also leverages her eight years of experience at several interior design firms. At these organizations she developed and wrote specifications for FF&E that translated designers’ visions into documents that could be bid uniformly by multiple vendors. To better serve her clients she compiled extensive project manuals with customized drawings, plans, finish schedules and budgets that defined successful execution for all vendor parties involved. Denise provides this same level of superior service in documentation, management and budgeting to all of her current customer partners.


About Us

With over 50 years combined hospitality experience, our individual reputations for consistency and reliability makes us who we are.


Our Mission
Do what’s right for the client. Fulfill all obligations. Exceed expectations. Improve.


Our Philosophy

Be the agency that people enjoying working with, regardless of budget, or timing, or scope of the job – because we respect all people and recognize every person as an important contributor.


Our Services
P&C uses consultative procurement, a need-satisfaction format that focuses on problem identification, where we serve as the expert in problem recognition, management and resolution.


Our Commitment
Delivering on the promises of cost savings by knowing when manufacturers can do more, how they can do it better and making sure it gets done as efficiently as possible.


Our Vision
To improve the industry standard for procurement and create best in class experiences.

We are here to help you discover the impact a positive attitude can have on your next project’s success!

We worked together for three years on a high profile, five star hotel project. The level of the design review, FF&E specifications, and final turnover on this hotel project were quite complex and involved due to the five star quality level. There were several difficult challenges throughout each phase. During the entire project, Denise was able to provide top quality customer service and deliver all the products on time. It was a pleasure working with such an experienced, resourceful, and hard-working professional.

Jane O’Brien
Senior Project Manager, AECOM Tishman

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