It’s true, we really do have relentless positive attitudes and we always put our clients first. We love what we do, and we bring that positivity to all our clients. It’s one of our most powerful business tools. With a combined 50 years of experience, you’re not working with a member of our staff, you’re working directly with us – Denise and Sarah – to plan and execute your project to the best of our abilities. Our individual reputations for consistency and reliability makes us who we are.

Our process and approach is straightforward. We work with clients to build and execute on a tangible plan of action and always with a positive approach.

  • Project review and kickoff
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Lead-time metric
  • Preliminary budget and cash flow forecast
  • Initial vendor selection
  • Manage bidding process
  • Quality control through a quantity matrix
  • General Contractor management and review
  • All codes will be met – this includes local, and ADA
  • All bids are based on client priorities and key metrics – shorter lead time, cost, terms of sale, efficiency and reliability
  • Purchase order management and approvals
  • Milestone dates to keep project on track and transparent
  • Coordinate shop drawings and samples
  • Manage deliveries, receipt confirmations and costs and tracking
  • Logistics management including freight, warehousing and installation
  • Provide standard logistical procedure with installation, warehousing contracts for receiving, inspecting and documentation
  • Manage all FF&E installation instructions as needed
  • Managed throughout the entire project
  • Provide last leg package
  • Manage receipts, contracts, and payments to vendors
  • Post-project assistance
While all projects are customized to clients need, the standard project flow is as follows:
Process Outline

We are the kind of agency that people enjoying working with, regardless of budget, or timing, or scope of the job – because we respect all people and recognize every person who touches the project is an important contributor.

Discover how a positive attitude can have a chain reaction…