Sarah Peterson


Sarah Peterson brings over fifteen years of industry experience as an independent manufacturer’s representative for a diverse range of equipment and furniture providers. She cultivated networks among procurement agencies, designers and hospitality brand personnel to propose, secure and consummate on production orders for casegoods, custom seating, window treatments, fabrics and bathroom equipment. Her ability to troubleshoot and execute consistently on time and in budget led her to be chosen to lead system-wide rollouts of brand packages such as Panera Bread’s lighting program and furniture prototypes for Starwood’s Westin and Four Points flags.

For Procurement&Co’s clients Sarah focuses on delivering value by analyzing FF&E specifications to determine the modalities with the highest potential for cost savings without compromising quality. She utilizes her industry insider status to identify the manufacturers and suppliers that can deliver each item in the most cost-efficient and timely manner. Working directly with manufacturers’ engineering personnel, she then refines and clarifies the specifications to allow for reductions in production and installation costs. Post-production, Sarah draws upon her formal training in service and supply chain management to prepare custom client reports that highlight critical path dependencies to successful project conclusion. She delivers significant value-add to this process by continually researching the latest industry metrics in shipping and warehousing.


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2015 Spent 14 Days on Isla Cristóbal, Galápagos
Blue Footed Boobie Honeymoon Adventure
Iguanas, Tortoises and Sea Lions, oh my!
Caught and Released: 350lb Striped Marlin & 425lb Blue Marlin

2016 Greatest accomplishment: Giving my stepchildren another brother and sister.
William (2008) & Maddie (2008)
Macie (2016)
Hans (2018)

2019 Stellwagon Bank, Northwest Corner, Boston, MA
Caught and Devoured: 450lb Bluefin Tuna
Largest and most rewarding catch to date.

2019 Established Procurement&Co.